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The Department of Civil Engineering infrastructure is comprised of numbers of classroom, auditoriums as well as a wide variety of seminar halls, multipurpose, and campus green spaces. The department has well spaced rooms with facilities of CCTV, White board as well as Blackboard facility.


Building Materials & Construction Lab

  • VICAT Apparatus
  • LE CHATELIERS Apparatus
  • Permeability Apparatus
  • Briquette and Cube Mould

  • Surveying Lab 

  • Total station
  • Theodolite
  • Dumpy level
  • Chains/Tapes
  • Plane Table & accessories
  • Electronic Distance Measurement
  • Parallax Bar
  • Accessories like Plumb Bob, Ranging Rod, Calinomete, Spririt Level etc

  • Structural Analysis Lab 

  • Three Hinge Arch
  • Redundant Joint Apparatus
  • Unsymmetrical bending beam Apparatus
  • Curved Member Apparatus
  • Column & Strut Apparatus
  • Maxwell’s Apparatus

  • Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machine Lab

  • Tilting  flume apparatus with provision for horizontal contraction, hump,   broad   crested   weir   and    hydraulic jump

  • Soil Mechanics Lab

  • Liquid limit  Apparatus
  • Shrinkage Limit  Apparatus
  • Core Cutter
  • Compaction Mould  Apparatus
  • Permeability Apparatus
  • Direct  Shear test  Apparatus

  • Transportation Lab

  • Crushing Value Apparatus
  • Aggregate impact value Apparatus
  • Universal Penetrometer Apparatus
  • Ductility testing machine
  • Flash & Fire point Apparatus
  • Ring & Ball Apparatus
  • Bitumen Penetration kit

  • Environmental Lab

  • Study of Environmental Engineering

  • CAD LAB-1 

  • Working  on  softwares  like  STAAD Pro, STRUDS, GEO-5 etc

  • CAD LAB-2 

  • Working on software’s like Primavera, Surveying software’s, transportation software’s etc