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Electrical Engg.

FDP Activities

We at departmental level organize faculty development Programme (FDP) that intends to provide financial assistance to facilitate up-gradation of knowledge, skill and provide opportunities for induction training to teacher employed in various colleges.

This FDP cover the areas such as technical education policy, new concepts, methods and techniques, theory and practical skill enrichment and up gradation of pedagogy educational technology, motivation, communication skills, management and other relevant issues to keep pace with the changing scenario in technical Education.

This FDP is also useful to the faculty to make them aware about modern teaching tools and methodologies. It provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge about current technological developments in relevant fields


  • Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments published in 2005.

  • Instrumentation & Process Control published in 2010.

  • Power Plant Instrumentation under preparation.

  • Special electrical machine ABHNAV PRAKASHAN NEW DELHI ISBN 97893-80165-57-8

  • Electrical machine design VAYU EDUCATION LTD ISBN 98013-87865-65-8

  • Departmental Society


    Function of Society: - Engineering societies have an important role to play in managing and controlling hazardous technologies. This professional society performs three major functions in facilitating the management of technological risk and disaster:
    1. The advancement of engineering knowledge
    2. The protection of ethical engineers
    3. The promotion and enforcement of codes of ethics.
    4. Socialization through education and community
    5. Support goal attainment
    6. A system of communication