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1. "Farewell 2K19" on May'4, 2019.
2. "Inkling Open Mic 2.0" on April'5, 2019.
3. "TECH FEST 2K19" on March'8, 2019.
4. Two days workshop on AZURE by AZURE by Ms. Preeti Goyal ,Microsoft Technical Community from February'15, 2019 to February'16 ,2019.
5. One day workshop on Python by Mr. Vikaskalra, Director, Cetpa group of Companies on February'8, 2019.
6. An industrial visit to Indian Meteorological Department, New delhi on September'14, 2018.
7. One day workshop by Mr.Kaushik Biswas, Juana Technologies (Microsoft) on September'8, 2018.
8. RPS grant received by Dr. Rajdev Tiwari (Head of the Department) on July'2017.
9. Five days FDP on "Ubiquitous Computing" from July'9, 2018 to July'13, 2018.
10. An international conference on "Technology & Trust (ICTT)" from December'28, 2017 to December'29, 2017.
11. Five days FDP on "Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime" from April'25, 2017 to April'29, 2017.