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1. Attended an International Conference on "Issue and Challenges in Energy Conversion & Management" at I.T. BHU, Varanasi from (18-20) Dec. 2010. 2. Attended National Seminar on "Intellectual Property Right & Copy Right" at K.I.E.T. Ghaziabad on 30th Oct. 2010. 3. Attended a National Level Workshop based on 'Advances in Arc Welding Process' under Q.I.P. at K.I.E.T., Ghaziabad in Feb. 2007. 4. Attended a Short-Term course based on 'Finite Element Analysis (Theory & Practice)' under Q.I.P. at M.N.N.I.T., Allahabad from 29th Jan. to3rd Feb. 2007. 5. Published a paper titled "Evaluation of convective heat and mass transfer in open sun and green house drying" at International conference on Energy Sustainability 2007 sponsored by A.S.M.E., held at California, USA from 20-27 Jun. 2007.


1. "Design, Development and Reliability evaluated of Hybrid - Micro Hydro Power Generation using Municipal based water in BHU", in National Conference on "Energy: the future scenario" held in March 10-11 ,2007 at department of Mechanical Engineering , Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi(U.P.), India.

2. "Solar Photo Voltaic Power Conversion Using Maximum Power Tracking Design, Development, Utilization and Practical Verification". Published in the GMSARN International Conference on Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities for GMS.