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Anurag Pandey

Software Engineer,

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)


You are what your deep, arriving desire is, As your desire is, so is your will,

As your will is, so is your deed,As your deed is, so is your destiny!!!

A college education and degree can open up many doors in a person's life and career choices. In a person's life there are many important factors, a college degree is one of them. Well as an Ex student of GNIOT, allow me to express my heartiest thanks to the entire GNIOT family which has inculcated the knowledge, the wisdom and making me what I am today.

GNIOT is not only a perfect place to foster our minds and bodies; it is really a place where the world gathers. I would not have the same access to an amazing education that provides great opportunities for learning and growth if it were not for your generosity. I believe that I have grown and changed so much over the four graduation years because I had a chance to stretch my experiences and abilities, and I have met many GNIOT members who have positively influenced who I am today.

Hard work never goes waste. This happened in my case too, I want to express my gratitude to GNIOT for giving me what I had wished for- Yes I am a Part of CSC India Pvt. Ltd as Software Engineer.

If one is confident, positive and hardworking then nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and be successful in life; this is what I learnt in my college. I feel privileged to be a part of GNIOT Family.

“Learning and Innovation go hand in hand; only by learning of the old and present you can create something new. “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” –Thomas A. Edison

Amit Balyan

Software Engineer

R Systems International Limited


I take this opportunity to thank my Alma Mater G.N.I.T. Group Of Institutions for their endless support and motivation in shaping my career. G.N.I.T. has always been a great source of motivation and inspiration for all the young talents who are in process of transforming from just students to what we call “Engineer’s”.

GNIT set up the stage for me so that I can excel in my future endeavour’s. I would like to make a special mention of the Faculty Members & Staff of Computer Science Department whose extended support served as a guiding light for me and paved my way to success.

I am also thankful to G.N.I.T placement cell who provided me the opportunity to start my career with R Systems International Ltd. R Systems International is a MNC having projects from all over the world emphasizing Europe, US and APAC. Currently I am working with R Systems International as Software Engineer and my journey with RSI has been fantastic so far. R Systems has been constantly encouraging me to be more independent and providing me the freedom to think and act on my own. In the end I would like to summarize G.N.I.T. in a nutshell by the below quote:

“Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don't be afraid.” ~Frederick Buechner


Associate Software Engineer

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)


I would like to thank G.N.I.T. for providing me this opportunity. I truly believe that there are very few colleges that provide the kind of mixed educational structure that students receive at GNIT. As a student there was my faculty, staff, and classmates helped me to become a whole person who thinks deeply, loves faithfully, and prays diligently. Not only was I prepared academically for college, but I was also equipped for leadership opportunities and further challanges. I’m still being transformed by the truth I first learned at GNIT as I am committed for seeking excellence in my personal and professional life.

Moreover I would like to thank G.N.I.T. once again for helping me in taking my first step in the corporate world and shaping a bright future with CSC India Pvt. Ltd. Currently I am working with CSC India Pvt. Ltd. as a Software Engineer. and it is continuously providing me the opportunity to grow further. Finally, I want to convey my wishes to the students here and just few words for them:

“Connect Today; Transform Tomorrow,It’s not just our mission; It’s our wish for you”

Ajay singh

Software engineer

Samsung engineering labs noida


GNIOT , This where i embarked on a journey to my dream of serving Humanity with core engineering. GNIOT my alma mater , teachers, the environment and administration all have been very supportive . Thanks for providing me the oppurtunity . I still look for guidance whenever i need from the teachers here in CSE And IT deptt. Yess you really are building future for tomorrow.

Omar Farooq

Systems Engineer



I am really grateful to the management and staff of GNIT for being the torch bearers and guides of our career and making the transition from a student's to a professional's life couldn't have been more smoother. GNIT gives you the platform and opportunities.. Its just upto the students to grab them and make the best out of them.

The memories of this college will stay with me forever and I will always be indebted to the college for providing the perfect launch pad to my career. I have surely left the doors of GNIT well equipped more than ever for the real world.

My best wishes to the college and to the newbies entering the college.

Ashutosh Kumar Srivastava

Software Architect

R Systems International Limited


For a long time and for a lot of us, including me, “college” was more or less a synonym for success. We had only to go. We had only to graduate. And if we did, according to parents and high-school guidance counselors and everything we heard and everything we read, we could pretty much count on a career, just about depend on a decent income and more or less expect security. And this is exactly what GNIT has bestowed me with.

Wherever I am, whatever I do, I will always be thankful to GNIT, for laying down the ever so concrete foundation for me as a student, a person and a future professional, like no other place could possibly have underwritten.

With the right mix of intelligence, moxie and various kinds of aid, GNIT engraved me as a competent individual. My college, to me, will always be a glittering centerpiece that has nourished a simple Indian Boy’s dream.

Thank you GNIT.

Jyoti Sahu

Graduate Engineer Trainee

HCL Technologies Ltd


I would be grateful to GNIT group of Institutions where academics always reach to excellence.

There would be no second thoughts to that that I have learnt & grown up a lot under the shadow of this institution as it always delivers out of expectations...!! Also I would be thankful for giving me such a platform where I was able to showcase my talent & got campus placed in HCL Technologies Ltd.(Noida).


Software Developer

Dell International Services


Graduation time is the time when you are both excited and nervous.Excited beacuse you see a new world outside awaiting you and nervous because you know soon you will be outside the safe boundaries of your college,out in the fiercely competitive world,struggling to make a place for yourself.Lucky you are if before taking the very first step you know where exactly you are headed to and so was the case with me.But luck goes hand in hand with hardwork which was not entirely mine,there are many people behind it.Thanks to the entire training and placement department of GNIT to bring such a great opportunity to us.Thanks to all our teachers who helped me become capable enough to be able to grab this opportunity.Thanks for all your patience and support.I am delighted to be a "DELL"-ite.

Prabhu Nath Verma

Associate Software Engineer

Robert Bosch


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to GNIT College which helped me to get placed in Robert Bosch.Being a student of EC branch I am really very happy to work in a domain where I can explore the things i learnt during Engg.The education given by the college is helping me a lot here in my career growth.

Thank you again for all the help and guidance.

ID Student's Name Name Of The Organization
1 Anant Vikram Amdocs
2 Akanksha Srivastava Analytics Quotient
3 Ankita Mathur Analytics Quotient
4 Ganesh Shankar Pandey Birla Soft
5 Prateek Rastogi Birla Soft
6 Mohit Dua Birla Soft
7 Rahul Shivhare Birla Soft
8 Siddharth Dubey Birla Soft
9 Manali Arora Birla Soft
10 Akansha Mehrotra Birla Soft
11 Sapna Katiyar Birla Soft
12 Aditya Sachan Birla Soft
13 Sanchit Khera Birla Soft
14 Neha Sharma Birla Soft
15 Saurabh Jaiswal Birla Soft
16 Prabhat Kumar Birla Soft
17 Rakesh Chauhan Birla Soft
18 Arjun Singh Birla Soft
19 Amit Singh Bhadauriya Birla Soft
20 Ambreesh Singh Birla Soft
21 Siddharth Shukla Birla Soft
22 Vini Gupta Birla Soft
23 Shamit Agarwal Birla Soft
24 Gaurav Srivastava Birla Soft
25 Kapil Deol Birla Soft
26 Surabhi Upadhyaya Capital Iq
27 Mayank Raj Jaiswal CSC
28 Nitish CSC
29 Amitayush Dhar Dwivedi CSC
30 Mohit Trivedi CSC
31 Atul Sumbly CSC
32 Chandni Aggarwal CSC
33 Amit Kumar Dubey CSC
34 Saurabh CSC
35 Abhimanu Rathi CSC
36 Anurag Pandey CSC
37 Sanjay Verma CSC
38 Nitish Paliwal CSC
39 Mehul Gupta CSC
40 S.Kainat Z Rizvi CSC
41 Nupur Gupta CSC
42 Ashana Sachan CSC
43 Vaibhav Vashishtha Dell
44 Vaibhav Sheersh Dell
45 Monika Yadav Dell
46 Shweta Jain Dell
47 Damanpreet Singh Dell
48 Priya Sharma Dell
49 Roopali Sharma Dell
50 Anchala Kumari Diffusion Engineers
51 Rajbir Singh Diffusion Engineers
52 Mradul Mishra Everest Industries Ltd.
53 Shruti Bhatia Hcl Comnet
54 Payal Gautam Hcl Comnet
55 Sameer Sharma Hcl Comnet
56 Utkarsha Atrey Hcl Comnet
57 Nupur Rustagi Hcl Comnet
58 Amit Singh Hcl Comnet
59 Tushar Joshi Hcl Comnet
60 Prastuti Khanna Hcl Comnet
61 Shubham Mishra Hcl Comnet
62 Satyam Srivastava Hcl Comnet
63 Rajkamal Srivastava Hcl Comnet
64 Shalini Gaur Hcl Comnet
65 Karishma Kapoor Hcl Comnet
66 Nikhil Singh Hcl Comnet
67 Anuneeti Mathur Hcl Comnet
68 Pooja Trivedi Hcl Comnet
69 Shubhi Singh Hcl Comnet
70 Jyoti Sahu Hcl Comnet
71 Purva Kalra Hcl Comnet
72 Harshita Mehrotra Hcl Comnet
73 Pragya Chaudhary Hcl Comnet
74 Kanika Malhotra Hcl Comnet
75 Ashita Mathew Hcl Comnet
76 Aakanksha Sarbhai Hcl Comnet
77 Surbhi Singh Bhattal Hcl Comnet
78 Afreen Fatima Hcl Comnet
79 Dipti Gupta Hcl Comnet
80 Pallavi Sharma Hcl Comnet
81 Sonia Mittal Hcl Comnet
82 Shruti Ojha Hcl Comnet
83 Shalpreet Kaur Hcl Comnet
84 Neha Sawarn Hcl Comnet
85 Anukriti Gupta Hcl Comnet
86 Nitika Sonkhiya Hcl Comnet
87 Shivani Hcl Comnet
88 Shruti Gera Hcl Comnet
89 Akansha Bhargava Hcl Comnet
90 Shivani Garg Hcl Comnet
91 Pooja Tyagi Hcl Comnet
92 Rashmi Tomar Hcl Comnet
93 Rushil Chawla Hcl Comnet
94 Priyanka Mohnani Hcl Comnet
95 Vijay Singh Hcl Comnet
96 Harshika Hcl Comnet
97 Avanish Yadav Hcl Comnet
98 Dhruv Goyal Hcl Comnet
99 Shashank Taneja Hcl Comnet
100 Akarsh Mishra Hcl Comnet
101 Utsav Gulati Hcl Comnet
102 Smiti Rath Infosys
103 Omar Farooq Infosys
104 Saloni Sharma Infosys
105 Sagar Jain Infosys
106 Dheeraj Kumar Infosys
107 Prateek Mohapatra Infosys
108 Sunil Kumar Infosys
109 Ashish Ranjan Infosys
110 Mohd Amaan Rizvi Infosys
111 Abhishank Verma Infosys
112 Somya Jalan Infosys
113 Jeet Gupta Infosys
114 Ankita Sharma Infosys
115 Shweta Mittal Infosys
116 Ishita Dhawan Infosys
117 Chandni Gupta Keane India
118 Pallavi Srivastava Keane India
119 Monika Nagar Keane India
120 Shivani Bhatt Keane India
121 Pallavi Negi Keane India
122 Sugandh Priya Keane India
123 Kirti Singh Keane India
124 Isha Saxena Keane India
125 Surbhi Singhal Keane India
126 Rachana Keane India
127 Sana Iqbal Keane India
128 Kumud Alok Keane India
129 Ruchi Negi Keane India
130 Kanika Keane India
131 Avantika Agarwal Keane India
132 Swati Singh Keane India
133 Gaurav Rai Luminous Power Technology Pvt Ltd
134 Aditya Kashyap Lurgi India
135 Shaina Saluja Lurgi India
136 Tripti Mishra Lurgi India
137 Amit Balyan R System
138 Ashutosh Kumar Srivastava R System
139 Munesh Kumar R System
140 Akriti Tyagi R System
141 Deepti Gupta R System
142 Bhawna Gosain Robert Bosch
143 Prabhu Nath Verma Robert Bosch
144 Ajay Singh Samsung India
145 Arjun Singh Samsung India
146 Manali Arora Samsung India
147 Mayank Raj Jaiswal Samsung India
148 Mohd Aslam Khan Samsung India
149 Neha Gupta Samsung India
150 Neha Tyagi Samsung India
151 Prashant Sharma Samsung India
152 Saurabh Shukla Sap Lab Pvt Ltd
153 Jyoti Syntel
154 Shreya Srivastava Syntel
155 Prashant Sharma Syntel
156 Amit Kumar Dubey Syntel
157 Krishna Singh Syntel
158 Harshit Omar Syntel
159 Tanu Mittal Syntel
160 Dinesh Kumar Singh Syntel
161 Neha Tyagi Syntel
162 Neha Gupta Syntel
163 Sneha Kaushik Syntel
164 Manisha Raghuvanshi Syntel
165 Chandni Aggarwal Syntel
166 Neeladri Kumar Syntel
167 Latika Syntel
168 Mayank Raj Jaiswal Syntel
169 Shweat Kr Mishra Syntel
170 Sreela Sreekumar Syntel
171 Swati Jain Vodafone
172 Divya Paliwal Vodafone
173 Manisha Bhandari Vodafone
174 Abhimanyu Singh Vodafone
175 Vinay Singh Larsen & Toubro Limited
176 Latika Sharma Bank Of America
177 Mr. Kirti Azad Gail (Gas Authority Of India Ltd.)
178 Upendra Khushwaha India Today Group
179 Vineet Sukhiya Axis Bank Ltd
180 Indu Kesarwani Accenture
181 Pawan Pandey Usha Shriram India Ltd
182 Praveen Purohit Gammon India Ltd
183 Ram Chandra Verma Airtel
184 Vinod Mehta Sapient Corporation
185 Prashant Kumar Shri Ram Group Of Company
186 Ajay Pandey Tata Communication Ltd.
187 Indra Pratap Singh Wings Brand Indica Pvt. Ltd
188 Syed Md. Mobashir Leppelin Mozila System India Ltd.
189 Shashwat Khare Maharaja Whiteline
190 Anirban Das Ceasefire
191 Vidushi Choudhary Muthoot Finance
192 Narender Yadav Omax Auto Ltd
193 Divya Melotra Zee Acadmy
194 Richa Bhalla Groupconcorde (Pace Xpress)
195 Pinky Gautam Jindal Pipes Ltd.
196 Anamika Srivastava State Bank Of India
197 Sweeta Shukla Videocon
198 Chirag Seth Luminous Power Tech.Pvt.Ltd
199 Suraj Sinha Redington India Ltd
200 Mona Priya Redington India Ltd
201 Khan Yasir Redington India Ltd