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GNIOT is not just a institution but it's a platform which enhances your whole personality. In fact it grooms you. I got placed in JET SYNTHESIS on a package of 5.3 LPA. I want to thank TPO Head Mr. Prashant Khare for guiding us.

Chitral Verma


The past four years at GNIOT have been such an enlightening ride. Each day there were challenges which later condensed into a frenzy of experiences. You will learn here, and rise if you set your mind to it. My learning was beyond the textbooks I read (and those I didn't), I learnt situations and people. By the time you are out, you are prepared for the world.

GNIOT brought to us some very lucrative offers in terms of placements. Im really happy for myself (and excited as hell) to work at JetSynthesys, the biggest opportunity I came across (5 LPA)​​. I'm happier for all my classmates and friends, they got some wonderful offers as well. Thanks to our management as well as the Placement department for that, you guys extended your helping hands for us. To you, the reader, I wish you the very best of luck. Shine on!



Management Trainee Redington India Ltd

“I express my heartiest gratitude for the golden opportunity GNIOT has provided me. Getting selected in Redington India was never possible without the sincere efforts of my college. As a student, the only thing we need to do now is to work on our skills under your umbrella of trust and make you all feel proud. Motivational training & Placement cell guided me to the right direction of my life and imparted a sense of confidence. And this quality landed me to my dream company.”


Programmer Analyst Trainee
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

"THANK YOU GNIOT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS for giving me such a great start at the beginning of my, for getting me placed in such a good company, COGNIZANT.Without the support of the college, the extremely talented faculties I would not have achieved this. I am greatly obliged to GNIOT for giving me this opportunity to make my dream come true"



Management Trainee
Ceasefire industries Ltd

“My Faculty, HOD, Training Placement Cell helped me a lot at every stage especially at the time of my Internship and my College Placement. My Placement head Mr. Prashant Khare (TPO) Training and Placement Officer supported me a lot and always tried to build the confidence under me.”


Acquisition Manager
Indus Ind Bank Ltd

"I can only say that GNIOT is doing a great job and should continue to do so in the future. I have learnt a few things like –how to cope up with public dealings, how to beep yourself cool in difficult situations."



Management Trainee
Hubert Ebner Pvt Ltd

“I am also thankful to the Placement Cell without whom it would have not been possible as they have been a guiding force when it comes to identify Industrial opportunities. With the help of the placement team and there immense support I am able to find the best suitable job for myself, as they have always supported me.”


Assistant System Engineer-Trainee
TATA Consultancy Services LTD

"I am highly thankful to GNIOT GROUP OF INSTITUTION for "TCS" A milestone for every engineer. GNIOT gave me a chance to make my dream come true. It has enriched me with confidence and dignity"



Hr Manager
Span Designer Ceramics

“It empowered me with the complete skill-set required to ascend the corporate hierarchy, analytical skills, looking at the macro view of things, communication & presentation skills”


Management Trainee
Redington India Ltd

"A college has very important place in nurturing a good and efficient citizen. I am proud to be a part of GNIOT which laid the foundation stone of what I am today, as well as what I will become in future.GNIOT made me realise that even without spending too much of money just on name, one can get better quality education. I would like to thank all my faculties, Placement team, who always inspired & support me to perform in one way or other in spite of many road blocks."


Vaasu Shankeran

Programmer Analyst Trainee
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

“I would like to thanks GNIOT GROUP OF INSTITUTION for giving me the opportunity as "COGNIZANT". It was a dream comes true. GNIOT not only gave me a remarkable placement but also enriched my personality.”


Programmer Analyst Trainee
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

"The quality education gained at GNIOT has helped me immensely in getting placed in a MNC such as Cognizant; I express my heartfelt thanks to GNIOT for providing me such an opportunity. "



Assistant System Engineer-Trainee
TATA Consultancy Services LTD

“My hard work paid off when I got placed in TCS with a package of 3Lac.This was made possible by the efforts of my Parents and Teachers. I would always be grateful to them. And also my college which not only provided me great environment but also made me ready to face the competitive world."COGNIZANT". It was a dream comes true. GNIOT not only gave me a remarkable placement but also enriched my personality.”


Management Trainee
Redington India Ltd

"I choose GNIOT as it has a great image among the B-schools. Other than that it provides industrial exposures and has good corporate connections as well. GNIOT molded me into a well organized, creative and enthusiastic person who can now be open to every possible area of learning. Although the academics in GNIOT are frenetic, still it helped me to realize some of the hidden potential in myself."


Nikita Brijwasi

Programmer Analyst Trainee
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

“It’s been great to be a part of such a reputed college, moreover I appreciate efforts of my faculty and placement department who have helped shape my and getting placed in one of the leading MNC of the world- Cognizant Providing me such facilities to raise my level so as to match with the expectations of corporate world. I gained the knowledge, experience and confidence. Thank you GNIOT Group of Institution”



"The Business of Business is Business”, is what I used think was the ground reality but at this esteemed institution I have learned that business is not just profits it’s much more than that. Today, when I have been placed I realize the importance of all knowledge that I received here."


Anchal Goyal

Programmer Analyst Trainee
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

“My experience at GNIOT was simply amazing. I got a chance to learn all the technologies related to my course track from experts and also got hands on experience with live projects and work experience of people across the country. In final semester, the best thing was that I got placement by Cognizant. ”